Reviews for "Sawmiller's Daughter" (2022)

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"[Sawmiller's Daughter] combines a modern vibe with a traditional sound, and [McCulloch's] voice is more than able to convey her finely wrought lyrics." - Americana-UK

"McCulloch allows her southern roots to shine through in her vocals. [ . . . ]A real breath of fresh air in these days of country crossover and genre blending." - Lonesome Highway 

Reviews for "Strawberry Moon" (2018)

" . . . . one of the most memorable debuts in recent Americana music history . . . Strawberry Moon is uniformly genuine and sparkles with palpable emotion." - No Depression Magazine

"Sarah Parker's Strawberry Moon is one of the most fully realized releases in an Americana/classic country vein I've heard in years and establishes her as one of the form's foremost practitioners." - The Indie Source 

" . . . . Sarah Parker's first recording sets the bar high for any future project . . . . definitely a marquee effort." - Gashouse Radio 

"Sarah Parker has managed to write and record an album that embraces tradition yet sounds thoroughly modern . . . . an all around impressive debut. - Skope Magazine 

" . . . pathos and phrasing in her vocal that helps the storytelling get under your skin." - Indie Shark 

" . . . exceptional release and points towards a bright future for Parker, included a new full length release due in 2019, and we can undoubtedly expect her to match or excel the stunning work heard on this collection." - Vents Magazine 

"Sarah Parker unleashes a stylish collection of countrified gems in her stunning debut album Strawberry Moon, which is currently garnering the attention of music critics from one side of the country to the other." - Mobangeles

" . . . . . Strawberry Moon is widely being considered one of the most evocative breakthrough albums of 2018." - IndiePulse Music 

"In an era dominated by halfhearted crossover acts, this record feels remarkably genuine and true to its composer’s unique craft." - 

"Sarah Parker’s Strawberry Moon is a polished and deceptively ambitious affair." - 

"Not only does Strawberry Moon exceed the Nashville standard of new, it manages to lay down some inventively stylized new sounds that could shake up the music scene as we know it." 

"Parker’s immensely human and emotive singing brings fine lyrical content to even more vivid life." - 

"Parker's Strawberry Moon is everything one looks for in a smart new country album, period." - Independent Music and Arts 

" . . erudite modern prose that is as relatable as it is stunning and impressive." - Band Blurb